">Recording session of "As leis de Celavella"

Recording session from the soundtrack of "As leis de Celavella" on 30 April 2004 in brand new Mans Scoring Stage.

Recording session of De Profundis 2006

Team of ethnic percussion in Mans during the recording session of De profundis. Miguel Queixas, Miguel Cabana and Javier Ferreiro with Nani Garcia

Recording of De Profundis

Recording of OST  from De Profundis in Mans Scoring Stage  with the  Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia conducted by Rubén Gimeno.

Imaxina Jazz Orquestra 2007

Premiere of the show written and conducted by Nani García at the 
Teatro García Barbón inside the  3th edition of the  Vigo International Jazz Festival  Imaxina Sons 

©Janite 2007

Nani with Imaxina Jazz Orquestra

Teatro García Barbón, july 2007
©Janite 2007

Recording session of Pradolongo

NG with Zeltia Montes, David Etheve and Ignacio Vilar
Mans Scoring Stage, A Coruña, 2007

Clunia at Imaxina Sons

Teatro García Barbón, july 2008.
Mathew Simon, Roberto Somoza, Nani García, Baldo Martínez and Fernando Llorca
©Janite 2008

Clunia at Estudios Bruar

Recording session from the cd 5. Quintet y fifth publication  of the group 

Premiere of The Berenguela

Mª Inés Cuadrado and the  Xerión Quartet at the premiere of The Berenguela at the Teatro Rosalía Castro, A Coruña, 2009.
Mariola Gila,  Lola García, Xaquín Meijide e Juan Pérez

Cinematojazzía 2009

It was not premiered
Mariola Gila, Alfonso Morán, Roberto Somoza, Miguel Cabana, Lola García, Nani García, Juan Pérez, Xaquín Meijide

Board of Directors of the Academia Galega do Audiovisual, 2010-2011

Fernanda, Marisela, Ana Montse, Pepe, Nani, Rosa
Carlos e Pico. Just a pleasure!

NG in his estudio

September 2010

Wrinkles at Donosti, 2011

Discussion after the pass of Wrinkles at the San Sebastian Festival in September 2011.
Nani, Paco Roca, Ignacio Ferreras, Dani Martinez and Manuel Cristobal

Pause in the rehearsal of the trio

NG trío, February 2012
Nani, Miguel Cabana, and Simón García

Ng trío with the show Cinematojazzía in concert

Nani Garcia trío with a string quartet.
Palacio de Viana, Córdoba 30th of Juny 2013

Tom Gullion Quartet at Vigo, 2013

Risto Vuollane, Miguel Cabana, Nani and Tom Gullion at  Xancarajazz on july  2013

Imaxina Sons 2014

Mr. Steve Swallow and Nani García at the  Imaxina Sons 2014 after the concert of Riverside Quartet

Premiere Torre de Breoghan

Photocall from Torre de Breoghan the day of the premiere with Luar na Lubre the whole team

Photo Session from Serendipia recording

NG trío, with Simón García, N. García and Miguel Cabana.
February 2014

NG trío Close Concert

November 28th  2014
Jazz Atlántica

Photo:Nelson Corsino

Nani at Garufa

Nov. 28th. 2014
Photo: Nelson Corsino

Rehearsals of TWF and premier of the "For whom toll the idiophones"

with Andrés Valero as conductor and  Xocas Meijide and the  BMMC
june 8th, 2016

Sound checking at "Jazz no parque" 2016

NG trío, Cinematojazzía  Jazz no parque.
Museo Serralves, Porto
10 de xullo 2016