Concert works


Suite for Jazz Ensemble (2012)

Written on behalf of the Sociedad Filarmónica Coruñesa with occasion of the Festival Jazz Atlántica, it was premiered by the OSG Jazz Band en A Coruña on December 11th,  2012.

Willow gazing at a window gazing at a willow

Musical reflexions for  orchestra (2011)
10' 18"

The wind factor

Concert for bass clarinet and wind orchestra (2010)
Three movements: Andante, Maneo and Presto
Premiered on Mars 21st of 2010 at the Palzo da Ópera in A Coruña by Xaquín Meijide and  the Municipal Wind Band of A Coruña conducted by Marcel Van Bree

Release in 2016,

A Berenguela

Operetta for narrated voice and Quartet of clarinets. (2009)
On a text of Manuel María, "Aventuras e desventuras dunha espiña de toxo chamada Berenguela"
Comissioned by the Culture Council of the  Xunta de Galicia (Galician goverment) and premiered on september 8th  of 2009 at the  Teatro Rosalía Castro in A Coruña by the Quartet of clarinets Xerión and the voice of Mª Inés Cuadrado.

Release in 2016, Galaxia Editorial