Musical Composition Practical Course for Image

20 January 2015

 Dedicated to amateur and professional with a minimum of knowledge (theoretical or practical) on composition. Students get a skill or familiarity with the story audiovisual in the majority of its facets.  Learn how to determine the specific nature of the story in a musical way to apply consistently the precise musical conception at every moment. Make valid the aphorism "a good composer of film is not what best music composed if not making best film with her"
Get to know the different stylistic approaches of the music applied to the image. We will be able, at the same time, reflect envelope or paper the music applied to the image and its formal consequences.We will do a review of musical instrumens of the Western tradition and other cultures, musical, physical, acoustic characteristics and its timbric and expressive possibilities as well as the use and design of virtual instrumens. TWe´ll develop technics of composition on projects and their subsequent production and recruitment organization. As part of the production process, we will develop creative  attitudes and of cooperation that can complement and enhance the activities of other professionals in music and other arts, with which they interact.  We will learn to plan the process of sound production and years approach the different techniques and processes of capturing, recording, creation, handling and broadcasting of audio and musical material.

Groups of three students per classroom. We´ll work with sequences of images that will be assigned to each student that works of composition based on certain parameters or pre-established conditions will be carried out.  These conditions are normally established conditions pola production as a result.  Budgets, date of delivery, etc. Either justified requirements of the artistic direction. The work of the teacher is tutor these trabaljos of composition that will be completed during the rest of the week outside the classroom. Thus up to carry out several projects, or even delve into the same project altering the preset conditions that requires the account. The corpus of images may tenerra all variables from the animation, documentary forms etc, television formats etc.
Technical needs
Each student will bring their own laptop with applications, sound sources, libraries virtuaies, headphones etc which consider and dominate for practice and achieve the intended objectives. The images will be provided polo tutor
Two months. 8 classrooms. A weekly classroom two hours. Total 16 teaching hours
Estudios Bruar ( A Coruña)
Economic conditions
Full course price: €400
Students Sgae partners will have a discount of 30%
Limited places available until a certain quota in strict order of registration
Estiumated prize hour/student : 25€
Contact/Registration Contact phone number: 626999886/981261104